Mixed Feelings

I want to meet him, yet don’t want to see his face.

I want to touch him, yet want to stay miles away.

I want to see him happy, yet hate when he smiles with her.

I want to give him attention, yet hate his ignorance.

I want to feel him, yet not willing to even bump into him.

I want to listen him talk, yet don’t want him to tell more lies.

I want to pull his cheeks, yet want to slap him for all him sins.

I want to kiss him, yet hate the fact that he has been kissed by her.

I want to sing for him, yet don’t want him to know that I still feel.

I want to write for him, yet never want him to read.


Synonym Of Love

Synonym Of Love20170210_211534.jpg
A bright girl with a brighter result.
An introvert girl with a nerdy sight.
A girl who hardly made friends.
A girl who kept herself away from sports.ñ
A girl who missed her parents.
The girl saw her mother’s glimpse in her teacher’s face.
No, her mother wasn’t that far, but in another city.
That day, she felt something unusual.
She felt that motherly love.
She understood it like a new word.
A word that was merely a word, but a feeling, a gesture and a touch.
To understand this feeling, she called it a synonym.
A synonym of love.


First blog post

Twillight Ecstasy


When the lights fade

and it gets dark,

she finds her mate

smiling amidst the park.

The smile perished away,

what others call ‘dark’.

Her love for murk expanded,

when the twillight left her with a mark.

She cherished the glimpse of him

and the way his lips formed that arc.

The bedtime made him sleep,

while his name was with hers on the bark.